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Shabnam Saveurs
Shabnam Saveurs

Elle à Paris
10 January 2014

Koukou sabzi, bereshtook, rose in paradis... do these names mean anything to you? Shahrzad Mimard discloses the savours of her native Iran. Mouthwatering saffron-, rose- and pomegranete-infused canapés and finger-food...


Shabnam Saveurs ·Fessenjoon

Shabnam Saveurs · Pic de Poulet

Août 2014

Shahrzad Mimard, the founder of Shabnam Saveurs revisits Iranian family recipes in a finger-food format. Caviar, rolled fresh-herb crêpes, saffron ice-cream...

Novembre 2014

Not mediterranean, not oriental and resolutely original, this cuisine is quite unlike the usual fare. [...] Shabnam Saveurs' Iranian finger-food [...] unites the chic with the informal, makes a marriage of the gastronomical and the practical and combines the delicate with the playful...


Shabnam Saveurs ·Fessenjoon

Shabnam Saveurs · Pic de Poulet

3 juin 2014

Refined and stylish cooking that is well worth getting to know. It may be that it will become better known thanks to the talents of one Shahrzad Mimard


14 mai 2014

As yet unfamiliar in France, this ancestral gastronomy distinguishes itself by its originality, its subtility and its variety. Fessenjoon spoonfuls, Kookoo Spirals, Rose in Paradise; Shahrzad Mimard's recipes receive unanimous plaudits


Shabnam Saveurs · Baby Koufteh


Shabnam Saveurs ·  Dolmeh

Saveurs d'ailleurs
Mai 2014

Singular, delicate and colourful, Iranian cuisine is rarely spicy - in the sense of 'hot' - but subtle in its blends of spices. Fresh herbs, fruit and flowers predominate


Mai 2014

A lively and elegant way to surprise guests who will succumb without fail to the charms of this extraordinary and unusual cuisine


Shabnam Saveurs · Yakh dar behesht

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