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Shabnam Saveurs


Consultant, creator and culinary stylist specialising in Iranian gastronomy, Shabnam Saveurs accompanies you for private or professional receptions, offering a wide variety of Iranian-style finger food in delicatessen format, delivered to your door in and around Paris.

To get a taste of our style and flavour, watch our video.

Shabnam Saveurs · la Perse dans votre assiette
Koukou sabzi spirals with smoked salmon and crème fraîche.


Finger-food is the art of combining refinement with the casual, the gastronomic with practicality.

Shabnam Saveurs bring you the finest Persian fare at your fingertips.


There’s no doubt about it: Iranian cuisine is like nothing you’ve eaten before.

Could it be the legacy of the Silk Road? A people’s enduring romance with the finer things of life? The needs of nomadic tribes gathering wild herbs in the mountains? All of these no doubt contribute to the rich, flavoursome and subtle sophistication.

Though the majority of the ingredients will be familiar to most, some are unexpected; an array of exotic and unique herbs combined with saffron, walnuts, pistachios, pomegranate, broad beans, sour cherry and other spices constitute clues to the secrets of this fascinating cuisine.

Shabnam Saveurs · la Perse dans votre assiette

Tachin bites

Shabnam Saveurs · la Perse dans votre assiette

Mirzaghasemi tartlets


bring you all the colours of traditional Iranian cuisine, respecting ancestral recipes and regional varieties, in a practical format so you can taste (and let others enjoy) its multiple facets.

Of course, the simplest way to get to know Persian cooking is to try it. After which, we’re inclined to wager you’ll acknowledge its uniqueness.


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