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 Apéritifs (choice of finger food)

 Our suggestions for a set of dishes


Spinach Cooler
Greek-style yoghurt with spinach, plus a soupçon of shallot.

Courgette Cooler
Greek-style yoghurt with courgette, plus a dash of fried onion.

Cucumber Cooler
Greek-style yoghurt with cucumber, crushed walnuts and raisins.

Beetroot Cooler
Iranian-style yoghurt (kashte) with beetroot, plus a pinch of shallot.

Kookoo Spiral
Fresh-herb roll with smoked salmon and crème fraîche.

Mirzaghasemi Tartlets
Tiny tartlets garnished with mixed aubergine, grilled tomato and egg.

Mini Kofta
Meat and grilled chickpea bites.

Mini Kotelet
Chopped meat and potato, breaded.

Mini Shami
Chopped meat and split-pea flour, rissoled.

Tachin Canapés
Rice marinated with yoghurt and saffron.

Prawn Canapés
Fresh-herb rice with prawn.

Adas Polow Canapés
Rice and lentils, dates and raisins.


Kashk Bademjoon Shot
Aubergine prepared with fermented yoghurt (kachk).

Fessenjoon spoonfuls
Meatballs in pomegranate and ground walnut sauce

Ghormeh Sabzi bites
Diced lamb with fresh herb and red bean sauce.

Spinach and plum bites
Meatballs with spinach and plum sauce.

Torshi ghatogh
Meatballs, herbs, crushed walnuts and verjuice.

Chicken Kookoo
Fried chopped chicken with egg and saffron.

Shabnam-Style Chicken Skewer
Saffron-marinated chicken.

Shabnam-Style Beef Skewer
Saffron-marinated beef.

Shabnam-Style Dolma Boat
Vine leaf stuffed with chopped meat, perfumed herbs, white rice and crushed yellow peas.

Baghlava flowers
Bite-size pockets of pistachio and ground almonds, bathed in a rose-water, saffron and cardamom-perfumed sirop.

Grilled yellow-pea flour biscuits flavoured with cardamom and sprinkled with ground pistachio.

Rose in Paradise
Rice flour, sugar, rose-water dessert.



Our sets are designed for receptions of 20 people upwards.
We offer the following fixed sets but are happy to help draw up sets of dishes with you, according to your tastes.

Sun Menu
Set of 140 pieces for 20 people
516 € (plus delivery charge)

Spinach Cooler, 20 pieces

Mirzaghasemi Tartlets, 20 pieces

Kookoo Spiral, 20 pieces

Mini Kofta, 20 pieces

Fessenjoon spoonfuls, 20 pieces

Tachin Canapés, 20 pieces

Baghlava flowers, 20 pieces

Star Menu
Set of 60 pieces for 20 people
300 eur
(plus delivery charge)

2 different starters x 20
Mirzaghasemi Tartlets + Spinach Cooler

2 different dishes x 20
Fessenjoon spoonfuls + Tachin

2 different desserts x 20
Ice in Paradise + Bereshtook

Vegetarian Menu
Set of 20 pieces for 20 people
220 eur
(plus delivery charge)

1 starter x 40
Mirzaghasemi Tartlets - or - Spinach Cooler

1 dish x 40
Tachin Canapés

1 dessert x 40
Ice in Paradise -or - Bereshtook

We recommend a minimum of 9 pieces per person for a cocktail dinatoire.

All our dishes can be consumed at room temperature but, should the need arise, main dishes can be heated in a micro-wave oven in their concomitant recipients.

We cater for a minimum of 20 people. Delivery is made for orders made a minumum of 72 hours (three days) beforehand.

A down-payment of 50% will be required when reserving, the remainder being met upon delivery. The down-payment will not be refunded where an order is cancelled less than 24 hours before delivery.

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